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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday-Our Place

Whoa...Is it Thursday again already?

Well, this Thursday I must tell you that I had quite the praise going for the Lord this morning! With a husband, children, and many responsibilities, sometimes its difficult for me to concentrate during my morning prayer to the extent I would like.

Yet, today God allowed me to think back to last spring when my husband and I were looking for an apartment. We were residing on the Northside of Chicago in a one-bedroom apartment. However, we needed to move to the Southside so my honey could be closer to his new job. I was pregnant with baby #2 so we really needed another bedroom and we needed to pay less money! In addition to this, we wanted to be in an area where we would feel safe and that was populated mostly by families.

My husband put all of those request before the Lord (and I added in there that wanted new carpet and fairly new kitchen. The cabinets and appliances at our old apartment where so filthy from past tenets, I desired something newer that we could have the first crack at dirtying it up ;) So, My husband and I prayed and looked at many apartments for about 3 months and nothing seemed to work out. There was one landlord who seemed very kind, but had just rented the apartment we wanted to someone else. However, he told us that we seemed like nice people and because was important to him, when choosing tenets. He said he'd give us a call if something opened up in another one of his buildings. We were really disappointed that things didn't work out with him.

We continued to ask God to order our steps to the right place, and the whole situation was a really big faith test for us. Sometimes we'd stay up all night on online apartment hunts! We had to fight worry alot, especially after we didn't renew our lease and the date we need to move grew closer. God wanted us to trust him.

Soon after we got the victory over our fears and began to trust God to bless us, the landlord we liked called us back! We came to see another one of his apartments and it wasn't in very good shape at the time. However, the landlord let us know that he was in the process of doing a lot of work on it and we could come back to see it when it was closer to being finished. We were feeling that with the way everything worked out, God seemed to be behind this particular place. Needless, to say we took the apartment! We ended up in an area that fit our preferences, with an extra bedroom, brand new wall to wall carpet, fresh new paint in every room, and the best of all...a newly remodeled kitchen! Hallelujah! My faith in the Lord was strengthened yet again through that experience! He keeps on doing great things for me!

I'm reminded of Matthew 6:8:

"Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him."


  1. Woo-hoo! Our God is an awesome God! I love it when He directly answers our prayers. That nail-biting wait time is hard, but trusting Him pays off big time. He always has His best for us. Truly something to be thankful for indeed.

  2. Isn't it amazing that we have a God we can fully rely on? Congrats on your 'last spring apartment'! I hope you have a lovely & blessed TT!

  3. Yes Laurie Ann...trusting him does pay off big! Thanks for rejoicing with me!

  4. Thanks alihsee! God Bless!

  5. with god all things are possible :) what a wonderful story!


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