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Monday, November 29, 2010

Twice the Fun

Is it just me or is everybody pregnant?!

It seems like I have close friends who are pregnant, friends of friends who are pregnant, blogger friends who are pregnant, blogger friends daughters who are pregnant, etc, etc! People just seem to be pregnant everywhere!

Of course, I realize that because I'm pregnant, I am more aware of others who are pregnant. Technically, we are pregnant together. So, maybe this explains why it seems like there are many people pregnant right now. But, this is not the only strange thing going on.

Not only does it seem like many people around me are pregnant, but I have two close friends who are both pregnant with twins! What are the odds of that?! Who has twins? How do I have two close friends (who were not on fertility drugs) who are pregnant with twins at the same time?


I've always said there was no way I'd want twins unless I was able to hire a live in nanny;) Still, I think twins are SO cute and I am very excited for them both of my friends. Their news sparked a curiosity in me to learn more about the chances of having twins.

Here is some information I found on the Baby Center:

While identical twins generally happen by sheer chance, there are several factors that influence your chances of having fraternal twins:

Heredity: If you're a twin or if twins run in your family, you're slightly more likely to have a set yourself. Women who are fraternal twins have a one in 60 chance of bearing twins.

Race: Twins are more common than average in African Americans and less common in Hispanics and Asians.

Age: The older you are, the higher your chances of having fraternal twins or higher-order multiples. A 2006 study found that women over 35 produce more follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) than younger women. Ironically, increasing levels of this hormone are a sign of failing ovaries and declining fertility. But FSH is also the hormone that causes an egg to ripen in preparation for ovulation each month, and women with extra FSH may release more than one egg in a single cycle. So while older women are statistically less likely to get pregnant, if they do get pregnant, they're more likely to have twins.

Number of Pregnancies: The more pregnancies you've had, the greater your chances of having twins.

History of Twins: Once you have a set of fraternal twins, you're twice as likely to have another set in future pregnancies.

Body Type: Twins are more common in large and tall women than in small women.

How about you? Do you have twins or have you ever had the desire to have twins?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are SO elated and grateful to be spending this Thanksgiving in our new home. Moreover, I am SO elated and grateful that my pregnancy hunger will might finally be satiated by good food I have looked forward to all year!

When we were in our apartment, there was virtually no counter space. So, I'm sure you can imagine the fun we had bumping into each other and trying to cook Thanksgiving meals with pans, bowls, etc stacked on top on the stove, the refrigerator and any other flat surface we could find! This year we are blessed to have plenty of counter space and a island in the middle of our kitchen! Praise God!

We are having some family over this afternoon and later going to my Aunt's house to continue our feasting. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day with a thankful heart and a praise on your lips!

Happy Thanksgiving!

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. -Psalm 136:1

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Quotes

I'm a talkative person. Thus, it can take me quite a few words to explain my thoughts. However, I often find that men just have a way of putting things that gets straight to the point and makes things plain.

For instance:

"Hey! You have a lot to be thankful for this year; a beautiful house, beautiful children, a husband you ain't gotta dig out the tavern!"

~ My Dad

"About to enjoy Thanksgiving in my new house with my wife and kids...ain't nobody mad but the devil."

~ Hubby's Facebook status

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Noelle!

Today is Noelle's 5th birthday! I can't believe how much our lives have changed since we've had this little one around! Just 5 years ago, we were in a 1-bedroom apartment and having our own personal financial "recession." We call it "The Recession of 2005." The day we would be expecting our 4th child and living in our first home seemed far away, if not impossible back then!

Noelle was a week late and I was scheduled for an induction on the 19th. Nevertheless, I started having contractions around 4am on the morning of the 18th. It was a slow labor and the finale at the end came as a unpleasant surprise when my epidural wore off on one side of my body!

The epidural was given to me again before I was too far dilated and was working fine by the time I had to push. I was NOT ready for a natural birth at that point! Still, I thank God for the beautiful baby girl I had when it was all over.

Noelle is becoming so helpful and is doing a wonderful job learning new things and getting her chores done. I think she likes being the "big sister" and looks out for he younger siblings. She is a joy to have around.

Noelle named 5 things she was thankful for today.

Noelle is thankful for...

1. ...being 5!

2. ...her new room!

3. ...her new baby sister!

4. ...having a costume party!

5. ...the time she got her face painted!

Happy Birthday Noelle!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Perhaps I'l recreate this image when hubby gets home from work this evening:)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A New Agenda

Oprah Winfrey's interview with former President George W. Bush was filled with interesting political dialogue and enlightening information.

The former President's sense of humor really came out during the interview and I had a few good laughs. My favorite part was this little story he shared about his first day off with his wife, Laura after President Obama's Inauguration:

"So I'm lying on the couch and she walks in. I said, 'Free at last' and she said, 'Yeah, you're free alright. You're free to do the dishes.' I said, 'You're talking to the former president, baby!' And she said, 'Consider it your new domestic policy agenda.'"

Spoken like a true wife!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Rarity Among Television Shows

I have been frustrated on more than one occasion flipping through channels trying to find a family-friendly show that our whole family can watch. Unfortunately, I often come to the conclusion that there is just about nothing safe (including commercials) when it comes to language, sexual content, and moral messages.

Nevertheless, hubby and I had to admit last night that we can usually always count on a good episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition to be something that our whole family can enjoy!

The show's description reads:

Keep a box of tissues handy for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because…

A) The tears of joy WILL flow.

B) You may need to plug your ears when Ty Pennington belts out his famed "Move that bus!!!!"

...We don’t know about you, but it is what’s lurking behind that big bus which keeps us absolutely riveted from week-to-week: a house pimped out to the extreme. It's extremely uplifting, as the renovated home always belongs to a deserving family. It's extreme transformation. And it’s extremely community-oriented.

From the moment he gives his “Good Morning” wakeup call, Ty is bent on bringing neighbors together—one environmentally-friendly brick at a time. It’s a race against time on a project that would normally span several months, involving a team of designers, contractors and hundreds of workers who all have just seven days to totally rebuild an entire house!

Before you start getting all jealous, the lucky homeowners always have a heartening back-story: Heroes, community leaders, and a plethora of inspirational families are truly the heart and soul of the show. There's that saying, "home is where the heart is," and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition puts the heart right where it belongs.


Now excuse us while we have a good cry.

Not only is it great to have your children see the real people helping others in need, but I love the fact that entire communities join together to make it happen. Seeing the terrible conditions that many of the families are initially living in, gives hubby and I an opportunity to say to our kids, "We should be thankful to God for what he has blessed us with."

It is also very touching to see Noelle actually cry with the featured families once they actually "move that bus" and they see the new house that they will be living in! I think this builds in them a healthy sense of empathy and a heart to "rejoice with them that do rejoice..."(Romans 12:15).

In an era where it is almost impossible to find wholesome television shows that you can watch with your children, I have to give it up to Extreme Makeover Home Edition for being a rarity among television shows!

What "family-friendly" shows do your family enjoy watching together?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Barefoot and Pregnant

[Image by: Shutter Daddy]

As I enter into the 2nd week of my 3rd trimester, I find that it is taking some extra special effort on my part not to complain. So, in efforts to not do that, I will turn my attention of some very real reasons for me to be thankful as I approach the end of this 4th pregnancy.

5 Reasons to Be Thankful in the 3rd Trimester of a 4th Pregnancy:

1. Believe it or not, I have unwittingly just about mastered the art of peeing in a cup.

2. I know exactly which arm has the "good vain" in it, which makes me a ray of sunshine for whichever tech has to draw my blood.

3. I have become quite a treat when it comes to interesting conversation for my midwives. When it comes pregnancy, birth, and post partum care, we find that I have stories. They have stories. I have stories. They have stories. We laugh, we joke, we could go on for hours!

4. I have come to terms with the fact that there is a special "wrath" I seem to direct toward hubby at the end of each pregnancy that really has nothing to do with him at all. Therefore, making it a bit easier to dismiss my misjudgements and to occasionally have a good laugh with him over how he can do no right in my hormone-clouded eyes.

5. I can rest assured that although the next few months may hold more aches and pains, a larger belly, and some sleepless nights, my vulnerability will inevitably draw me closer to the Lord. Besides, he really is the only one who is able to bear my attitude and my whining by the end of the pregnancy anyway. But, I know he cares and will carry me through, as he always does.

What about you? What kinds of things are you usually thankful for my the 3rd trimester of a pregnancy?