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Monday, November 8, 2010

A Rarity Among Television Shows

I have been frustrated on more than one occasion flipping through channels trying to find a family-friendly show that our whole family can watch. Unfortunately, I often come to the conclusion that there is just about nothing safe (including commercials) when it comes to language, sexual content, and moral messages.

Nevertheless, hubby and I had to admit last night that we can usually always count on a good episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition to be something that our whole family can enjoy!

The show's description reads:

Keep a box of tissues handy for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because…

A) The tears of joy WILL flow.

B) You may need to plug your ears when Ty Pennington belts out his famed "Move that bus!!!!"

...We don’t know about you, but it is what’s lurking behind that big bus which keeps us absolutely riveted from week-to-week: a house pimped out to the extreme. It's extremely uplifting, as the renovated home always belongs to a deserving family. It's extreme transformation. And it’s extremely community-oriented.

From the moment he gives his “Good Morning” wakeup call, Ty is bent on bringing neighbors together—one environmentally-friendly brick at a time. It’s a race against time on a project that would normally span several months, involving a team of designers, contractors and hundreds of workers who all have just seven days to totally rebuild an entire house!

Before you start getting all jealous, the lucky homeowners always have a heartening back-story: Heroes, community leaders, and a plethora of inspirational families are truly the heart and soul of the show. There's that saying, "home is where the heart is," and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition puts the heart right where it belongs.


Now excuse us while we have a good cry.

Not only is it great to have your children see the real people helping others in need, but I love the fact that entire communities join together to make it happen. Seeing the terrible conditions that many of the families are initially living in, gives hubby and I an opportunity to say to our kids, "We should be thankful to God for what he has blessed us with."

It is also very touching to see Noelle actually cry with the featured families once they actually "move that bus" and they see the new house that they will be living in! I think this builds in them a healthy sense of empathy and a heart to "rejoice with them that do rejoice..."(Romans 12:15).

In an era where it is almost impossible to find wholesome television shows that you can watch with your children, I have to give it up to Extreme Makeover Home Edition for being a rarity among television shows!

What "family-friendly" shows do your family enjoy watching together?


  1. I tell myself at the beginning of each episode that I'm not going to cry....An hour later there's a pile of kleneex, my nose looks like Pinocchio's and swollen eyes.

  2. I agree its hard to find TV shows everyone can enjoy. We usually watch old Cosby episodes and things like Jelly Telly that seem kiddy but we all end up enjoying.

  3. This is the only secular show we watch regularly..excluding nature and documentaries.I love it to bits and like everyone else, the tears are bound to flow!Now you've given me an idea for a 'thankfulness' post!

  4. Jacqueline, So funny you should mention the cosby show! I just got excited the other night when I realized that I can watch old reruns on You Tube! I loved that show growing up!


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