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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adventures in Postpartum Life

Halle has been with us now for 5 days and I have had a fairly predictable schedule to attend to. It generally repeats this cycle of activity:

Nurse baby.
Change baby.
Go to bathroom.
Nurse baby.
Nurse baby...and on and forth and so forth...

In between this general cycle of activity I am:

  • Letting our children take turns "holding" the baby.
  • Frantically repeating "Don't touch her face! Don't touch her face!", while they do so.
  • Becoming smitten by my newborn as I gaze into her dark brown eyes. I am convinced that when I smile at her, she smiles back. Oh, You think its just gas, huh? Well...just let me have it. Okay?
  • Watching hubby run around the house cooking, cleaning, training, and tending to all of our needs and thinking to myself; "Man! That's alot of work!" "No wonder I'm always exhausted!" "He should really take a load off and get some rest. Poor guy."
  • Navigating my way through engorgement. You'd think after 3 babies, I'd have this part figured out. Not so much.
  • Appreciating my husband and feeling both blessed and overwhelmed that God has entrusted these 4 little people to us.
  • Daydreaming of a trip to Target and Starbucks. Hubby and I agree I am not ready to venture out, just yet. But, to soothe my longing for a caffe mocha, he went out and bought me box of hot chocolate and some whip cream. I know. He's quite a guy. Its these simple acts of kindness that keep me entangled in his web of love.

Here is a picture of all my girls. Obviously, Halle is still trying to figure out who we are.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Got Questions?

Have you any questions about large family living that you would like answered by some seasoned moms? You should check out the "4 moms, 35 kids" series!

Each week, 4 moms with a collective total of 35 children share their knowledge, experience and and helpful tips in maintaining health, order and sanity. There is even one week in which the moms will take a stab at your questions if you leave them in their comments section!

I must say I have been enjoying this series very much. You can click on the button above to read what you have missed and to find out more about future topics in the series.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet Halle

Halle Danielle Hutchinson
Born: Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 4:13am
Weight: 8lbs, 12oz
Length: 20in

She finally arrived at 41 weeks! We had a non-medicated birth and are doing fine. Breastfeeding is going well (this kid can eat!) Thanks for all who prayed and wished me well! I hope to get some more pics and a birth story up sometime soon.

Friday, January 21, 2011

No News Here

Silly me. I thought there might be a good chance that since my due date was based on an ultrasound versus my last menstrual cycle, that I might have the baby on or before my due date. Pish posh! There is no sign of labor. No. Sign.

Even the false labor I was having daily eventually came to an abrupt end sometime last week. Every once in a while, I feel some Braxton Hicks contractions, but they come of nothing.

Sure, I found myself getting a bit impatient once I came from my appointment with the midwife, the day after my due date, and realized that there was really nothing going on that would indicate labor for me in the following days. Nevertheless, this time has given me more time to actually rest, pray, and prepare. It was actually MUCH NEEDED!

Furthermore, I have almost become tickled at the unpredictability of this baby. You think you going to figure her out? You can't figure her out. We just new she was a boy. We had a name picked out and everything. Nope, girl. We thought she was coming on her due date. Nope. I usually feel a ton of Braxton Hicks and false labor at the end of my pregnancies. This time, nothing.

She's mysterious that way. She can't be pegged down. She won't be put in a box. A complex and unique creature. I think like her already;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Find out more about Adele Enerson at her blog.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Girls Room Inspiration

I'm looking forward to some decorating projects during the spring and summer. I want to go with a pink and green color scheme for Noelle and Bella's room. I found some great inspiration below!

I like how she painted this bed pink.

[Photo Credit annaleahart]

[Photo Credit: annaleahart]

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home Sweet...Liberty Tax?

Apparently, our new phone number used to be the phone number of a nearby Liberty Tax office. I've looked it up online and found that one site still lists our home number for this particular Liberty Tax office. Meanwhile, the official Liberty Tax website has the correct number. As a result, I have gotten quite a few Liberty Tax callers from time to time since moving here. I have tried calling the Liberty Tax office that used to have our number to ask them to correct the number on the web, but no one answered. And now, its tax time!

Needless to say, I have become something of an involuntary Liberty Tax receptionist. I'm actually quite good at it too. I answer and in a very friendly manner explain the situation to to the callers, directing them to the official website, where they can find the right number. Some, bless them, actually feel for my situation and appreciate my kindness, taking a moment to sympathize with me during a little small talk.

I know I need to keep calling Liberty Tax in order to get the situation rectified. Still, I figure if I keep this up, maybe I can negotiate a small salary arrangement for my services?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Noelle: (Referring to a woman on a commercial about depression) "Mommy, that's how you feel."

Me: "No baby. Depression means you're sad. I'm not sad, I'm just tired and big."

Noelle: "Oh, you don't look big to me."

Of course I don't have to tell you who has now become my favorite;)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Gifted With Purpose

I can appreciate a good liturgical dance. I can also appreciate good spoken word. This performance incorporates both. It was done in Chicago at the Apostolic Church of God and is very encouraging!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Last night, I realized that I am finally starting to have some good ol' fashion false labor. How do I know its false? Because it starts and stops and the contractions don't increase in intensity with time.

Why am I excited about this "fake out labor" so to speak? Mostly because 2 of my children were born between 5-7 days after their due date. And if you know me, you know I don't do "overdue" very well.

Nevertheless, in times past, whenever I started having daily false labor, real labor was about a week or 2 away. That would mean on "on time" baby for me!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clean Should Smell Better.

Have you heard about Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products? Mrs. Meyer's believes that "clean should smell better" and has a line of household products that come in a variety of fresh scents!

I found out about Mrs. Meyer's on the web and was able to do a search to find out which store location near my home carries her products. Wouldn't you know, my beloved local Target just so happens to have them in stock! I stopped by the cleaning aisle to take a sniff and I think my favorite scent is the Lemon Verbena.

These pictures are of gift baskets made by a Mrs. Meyer's customer. What a cute idea! You can find more of these pictures and others at Mrs. Meyer' s facebook page.

Note to Postpartum Self

Remember my Note to Pregnant Self? Well, I followed the advice given in that note (to some extent;). Still, while I didn't follow all of the advice fully, I definitely did better this pregnancy than I did during the last.

Now, with 14 days until my due date, I figured I'd need a note to my postpartum self.

Dear postpartum LaSandra:

Now, hear me good. I know you feel like your life has spun out of control. I know you are in pain, tired, and don't know what day it is. I know you feel fat and can't see how you will ever lose weight. I know you are laughing one minute and sobbing the next. I know you can't remember why you had these kids and are not so sure you want anymore in the future. But, listen: this really is normal! It will pass! You just had a baby! It will take time for you to heal and to get back in the groove of life, but that day will come! Until then, relax and enjoy your baby!

Remember that you always feel this way. You always feel lonely, and behind, and out of control. You always feel frustrated because even if you have some help, no one is going to take care of things the way "you would" if you could. But, you can't! So, let whosoever is willing to help, help and don't worry about if its not "your way." This especially goes for hubby. He has his own way, let him do it that way and be at peace!

As for your children, I know it seems like they have forgotten everything you have taught them in terms of behavior, but they haven't. They are just taking advantage of the present "chaos" and acting up a bit. Don't let this stress you out! Correct them when you can, let hubby discipline them, stay prayerful. Years of training will not unravel in few weeks. Really.

Finally, keep praying, keep some praise music on, and take care of you and the helpless infant. Remember that warm showers always help you during this time. Take 2 or 3 of them a day if you have to! Don't worry about your appearance, hubby will make sure you get all the beauty treatments and pampering you need before you come back out to civilization, he always does.

Sleep when the baby sleeps. As a matter of fact, sleep whenever you get a chance! Prioritize. Make little list to help you remember what is going on. Do what is most important and enjoy your new addition to the family. Sit and wonder at the fact that God saw fit to add her to your family for such a time as this. How exciting!

p.s. Because I know you need this to be reiterated: DO NOT OBSESS OVER YOUR WEIGHT! Do not beat yourself up over your weight! You cannot lose all the weight you gained during this pregnancy in a month! You will only injure and malnourish yourself trying. But, you will lose it! God always helps you and he will do it again! Be patient! Keep the faith!

With much love, compassion, and wisdom that comes from experience,

-LaSandra, mother of 3

If you wrote a letter to your postpartum self, what would it say?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday My Love!

We celebrated hubby's birthday the day after Christmas. What a day to have a birthday. After all of the Christmas hoopla has ended, it can be a challenge to have enough "oomph" for a birthday celebration. Thankfully, hubby enjoys the simple things in life.

Since his birthday landed on a Sunday, he said he simply wanted to go to church and then come home to have a good meal and to sit in front of the television. So, I cooked something special and rented some movies. We both enjoyed the simplicity of the day.

Happy Birthday Kenneth!