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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home Sweet...Liberty Tax?

Apparently, our new phone number used to be the phone number of a nearby Liberty Tax office. I've looked it up online and found that one site still lists our home number for this particular Liberty Tax office. Meanwhile, the official Liberty Tax website has the correct number. As a result, I have gotten quite a few Liberty Tax callers from time to time since moving here. I have tried calling the Liberty Tax office that used to have our number to ask them to correct the number on the web, but no one answered. And now, its tax time!

Needless to say, I have become something of an involuntary Liberty Tax receptionist. I'm actually quite good at it too. I answer and in a very friendly manner explain the situation to to the callers, directing them to the official website, where they can find the right number. Some, bless them, actually feel for my situation and appreciate my kindness, taking a moment to sympathize with me during a little small talk.

I know I need to keep calling Liberty Tax in order to get the situation rectified. Still, I figure if I keep this up, maybe I can negotiate a small salary arrangement for my services?


  1. LaSandra,
    I'm sorry you are receiving calls for a local Liberty Tax office and certainly appreciate you sending them to our website so we don't lose customers. Please forward the website that lists the phone number incorrectly and we'll get it updated or removed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and please feel free to email us directly at

    Liberty Tax Customer Care

  2. The post was funny enough, but the customer care person commenting only adds to my laughter! Too Funny! Maybe you can negotiate some sort of compensation for your excellent customer skills.

  3. @Mommy of Many- You got me LOL!!! Yes, actually contacted the customer care rep and she is working on getting it resolved. Still, a little financial compensation for my trouble and "hard work" would be nice, right;)


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