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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clean Should Smell Better.

Have you heard about Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products? Mrs. Meyer's believes that "clean should smell better" and has a line of household products that come in a variety of fresh scents!

I found out about Mrs. Meyer's on the web and was able to do a search to find out which store location near my home carries her products. Wouldn't you know, my beloved local Target just so happens to have them in stock! I stopped by the cleaning aisle to take a sniff and I think my favorite scent is the Lemon Verbena.

These pictures are of gift baskets made by a Mrs. Meyer's customer. What a cute idea! You can find more of these pictures and others at Mrs. Meyer' s facebook page.


  1. I clean my home with these products and have Lemon Verbena and Sweet Basil. The smell is wonderful and addicting! Sometimes I clean my counters with it even if they aren't that dirty just so my house smells clean.

  2. Really Jenn? ooohh...I'm so excited to get some! I love things that smell good!

  3. It sounds like someone is must be getting close!

  4. Thanks for this. I'm doing to do a search as well. It sounds like some great products.

  5. I've seen these products, but have yet to purchase them. I think I will. I've seen these products at Target!


  6. I really like these products. I was hooked from the first time. lol


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