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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adventures in Postpartum Life

Halle has been with us now for 5 days and I have had a fairly predictable schedule to attend to. It generally repeats this cycle of activity:

Nurse baby.
Change baby.
Go to bathroom.
Nurse baby.
Nurse baby...and on and forth and so forth...

In between this general cycle of activity I am:

  • Letting our children take turns "holding" the baby.
  • Frantically repeating "Don't touch her face! Don't touch her face!", while they do so.
  • Becoming smitten by my newborn as I gaze into her dark brown eyes. I am convinced that when I smile at her, she smiles back. Oh, You think its just gas, huh? Well...just let me have it. Okay?
  • Watching hubby run around the house cooking, cleaning, training, and tending to all of our needs and thinking to myself; "Man! That's alot of work!" "No wonder I'm always exhausted!" "He should really take a load off and get some rest. Poor guy."
  • Navigating my way through engorgement. You'd think after 3 babies, I'd have this part figured out. Not so much.
  • Appreciating my husband and feeling both blessed and overwhelmed that God has entrusted these 4 little people to us.
  • Daydreaming of a trip to Target and Starbucks. Hubby and I agree I am not ready to venture out, just yet. But, to soothe my longing for a caffe mocha, he went out and bought me box of hot chocolate and some whip cream. I know. He's quite a guy. Its these simple acts of kindness that keep me entangled in his web of love.

Here is a picture of all my girls. Obviously, Halle is still trying to figure out who we are.


  1. Nah, I believe it. Erik and Ben both smiled at one week old. I never believed it before Erik did it, but since then I've realized it can happen. It's when you see it in their eyes that you know it's real. :)
    I haven't properly said congratulations yet - Congratulations!!! I know you're going to be a terrific mother of four and you will enjoy it, even if you are worn out a good deal of the time. I'm only eight months ahead of you on this "mother of four" thing but I'm very accustomed to it now and loving it! Can't wait to have some more!! :D
    Love the picture of your girls, by the way!

  2. YAY to the 3 girls you've always wanted!!!


  3. P.S. Should have mentioned Noah somewhere in there, BUT it was GIRL TIME, lol!! We all know how much you all were praying for Noah to make his arrival!


  4. So sweet--this photo makes me smile. What a great husband you have, and so attentive to your needs.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy having four. What an adventure.

  5. @Katie- Okay, I'm glad you mentioned that about the smile. You've seen it before too, which means I'm not crazy;)

    Thank you for the encouraging words about mothering 4 little ones. Because it feels daunting now, its good to hear from moms that are there or who have been where I am now!

  6. @Ginger- LOL! I know right! I was thinking a/b that my 3 girls! God is so good!

    And of course, where would I be w/o my beloved son...thanks for the congrats!

  7. Hi--I know I already commented here, but I couldn't figure out how to email you. You are welcome to use my quote if you'd like. Thanks for visiting me :-)

  8. CONGRATS and you have a very sweet family.
    God bless you!

    Looks like you have a very good plan there.
    With God, you will enjoy every minute of this.

    Stay flexible and take deep'll do well,

  9. so sweet, i love postpartum living blog and hallie is gorgous, wishing you guys the best and cant wait to see her for the first time.

  10. How precious!!!

    Made me miss having a newborn in the house.

    God bless you as you continue on during this time of recovery and new and beautiful adventures.



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