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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Note to Postpartum Self

Remember my Note to Pregnant Self? Well, I followed the advice given in that note (to some extent;). Still, while I didn't follow all of the advice fully, I definitely did better this pregnancy than I did during the last.

Now, with 14 days until my due date, I figured I'd need a note to my postpartum self.

Dear postpartum LaSandra:

Now, hear me good. I know you feel like your life has spun out of control. I know you are in pain, tired, and don't know what day it is. I know you feel fat and can't see how you will ever lose weight. I know you are laughing one minute and sobbing the next. I know you can't remember why you had these kids and are not so sure you want anymore in the future. But, listen: this really is normal! It will pass! You just had a baby! It will take time for you to heal and to get back in the groove of life, but that day will come! Until then, relax and enjoy your baby!

Remember that you always feel this way. You always feel lonely, and behind, and out of control. You always feel frustrated because even if you have some help, no one is going to take care of things the way "you would" if you could. But, you can't! So, let whosoever is willing to help, help and don't worry about if its not "your way." This especially goes for hubby. He has his own way, let him do it that way and be at peace!

As for your children, I know it seems like they have forgotten everything you have taught them in terms of behavior, but they haven't. They are just taking advantage of the present "chaos" and acting up a bit. Don't let this stress you out! Correct them when you can, let hubby discipline them, stay prayerful. Years of training will not unravel in few weeks. Really.

Finally, keep praying, keep some praise music on, and take care of you and the helpless infant. Remember that warm showers always help you during this time. Take 2 or 3 of them a day if you have to! Don't worry about your appearance, hubby will make sure you get all the beauty treatments and pampering you need before you come back out to civilization, he always does.

Sleep when the baby sleeps. As a matter of fact, sleep whenever you get a chance! Prioritize. Make little list to help you remember what is going on. Do what is most important and enjoy your new addition to the family. Sit and wonder at the fact that God saw fit to add her to your family for such a time as this. How exciting!

p.s. Because I know you need this to be reiterated: DO NOT OBSESS OVER YOUR WEIGHT! Do not beat yourself up over your weight! You cannot lose all the weight you gained during this pregnancy in a month! You will only injure and malnourish yourself trying. But, you will lose it! God always helps you and he will do it again! Be patient! Keep the faith!

With much love, compassion, and wisdom that comes from experience,

-LaSandra, mother of 3

If you wrote a letter to your postpartum self, what would it say?


  1. o how I wish I would have had a letter like this after number 1,2,3, and 4. All the best!

  2. A few good reminders is always a good idea at this point. So glad you are reflecting. The last little bit is definitely the hardest and I pray all will be well for you. And fast!

  3. This is great you are offering the gift on encouragement back to yourself! WOW! THats awesome. LaSandra, we are praying for you all the way to the due date and beyond. I'm gonna cut and paste my name in there for later :-)
    love you sis.

  4. I wish I would've wrote something like this. I am so hard on myself to lose some of this weight, especially in my stomach area.

    Good Luck!

  5. Praying for you :) I know you know it will be 'hard' but it's worth it for sure. And regarding the kids' behaviour..LOL.Like you said, your hard work won't unravel. Be blessed.

  6. Thank you everyone for all the prayers and well wishes!

  7. I saw this a bit late, but I loved your letter. This is only baby number one for me, and I'm unsure of what to expect, so I find it a little hard to know exactly what to say to myself, but what you said makes sense (especially the part about letting others help in the way they can, even if its not the way I would).

  8. @Tina- Congrats on the baby! So happy for you!


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