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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Note To Pregnant Self

Dear Pregnant LaSandra,
Postpartum LaSandra here. Now listen up, just because you are pregnant does not, I repeat DOES NOT give you the right to eat whatever you want! I know you are nauseous, and tired, and hungry and feeling a little sorry for yourself right now, but STOP THE MADNESS! Put down the full-fat muffins. Put down the mocha frappuccinos with whip cream! You only need about 300 extra calories a day! That looks like 1 cup of non-fat yogurt and a medium apple. NOT a extra value meal from McDonald's! I'm being firm with you now, because I know "how you do." 

Oh, and don't stop exercising either. A daily low-medium impact workout is NOT going to kill you just because you are with child! This is only a test and you have to pass it this time. Stop telling yourself, "I'll just work it off after I have the baby." You don't have to put it all on! 

I KNOW its hard and you are not in your right mind right now, but don't let yourself go. You don't want to have to be mortified in the dressing room when you go to try on clothes after you finally have this baby. You don't want to have to regret not eating right and exercising during pregnancy again. You can do this! PUSH yourself! This is for your own benefit! You will thank me later. 

With all the passion, fervor, and zeal I have within me,

~Postpartum LaSandra

If you could write a note to your pregnant self, what would you say?


  1. Girl I wish I was pregnant! If I was i would have to write to myself to put the Bon Bons down.
    I love reading the pregnant letter. lol

  2. I would say..

    I know you are exhausted and it feels like there is a ton of bricks on your shoulders. you can barely keep your eyes open, and you think no one cares... but BE NICE and go for a walk (even if its winter) I promise it will make you feel better and your family wont run in the other direction when they see their pregnant mommie/wife because she is so moody!

    P.S. Hubby will not go to Portillos for a double bacon cheese burger and fries with the cheese sauce on the side...then stop by Walgreens for a Dr. Pepper...I SAID NO!!!!


  3. I would tell my pregnant self: Stop complaining! Yes, you have leg cramps, have to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes, your neck is black, and your nose is big...BUT you will miss those little kicks; you'll miss your "bump," and you'll miss the long, thick beautiful hair and nails; and you'll miss everyone offering you food and a place to sit.

  4. Dear Self,
    You have got to stop crying one minute and laughing the next. This must be what God wanted for you since you are so old. Now get the baby's room painted, walk every day and take your vitamins. Honey, you're going to need all the energy you can get to get through this. AND get your name on as many Prayer Lists as you can.
    Yours Truly,
    In shock and wondering how Sarah did this at the age she was!

  5. Dear pregnant Katie,

    Quit griping, it will be over soon enough. And for heaven's sake, don't go into the hospital until you really really know you're in labour. Save yourself the trouble of arguing nurses and doctors and the disappointment of zero dilation. And don't forget to really enjoy that baby when it comes - time will fly right away from you after birth.

    - Katie, one year later

  6. Katie, that dialation disappointment is the worst!

  7. Darnetta-We've got a Portillo's fan over here too..but its not We ate there twice last I had salad though...whew!

  8., that black neck issue is hilarious! It is easy to overlook the sweet things about being pregnant, like those little kicks!


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