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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Blessings of Closely Spaced Chidren

Mrs. Anna T. has posted a wonderful post about about the blessings of closely spaced children. I've posted a small excerpt below, but you can read the entire post at Domestic Felicity.

Blessings of very closely spaced children (not by any means an exhaustive list!):

1) those children will likely have a very close relationship 

2) they will both grow into your helpers nearly at the same time

3) their training will be fairly similar, not exact of course, but very similar due to their closeness in 

4) your organizing skills will be honed.

5) many times the training that you would have waited to start will be started in the first child out of necessity, thereby teaching that child to work (and we are to work 6 days!!). Many times children are capable of doing muchmore than we parents think they are able to!

6) you & your husband will be put to the test in training obedience from #1 sooner than many parents think that training should be started, resulting in a well trained, obedient child who will be a blessing to her mother and father. I liken it to getting to the essentials EARLY!

7) your creative skills will be stratched and honed in finding ways to keep #1 creatively busy while you are unavailable with #2

8) your trust in the Lord will increase as you rely on His provision for your time, sleep, health, etc...


  1. Beautiful post. There has been so much that I have learned through our large (and closely spaced) family. I wouldn't trade any of it. Well, maybe when they all get the stomach flu....

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Anne!

    Yeah, with just 3 so far, I see now why my friends who have large families are often missing in action and "pooped" when someone in their house gets sick. Its never just one person at one time, the germs just seem to pass on to everyone one by one!

  3. I firmly believe in closely spaced children...obviously I didn't do it by example...but my oldest and middle will always be friends (of course right now they're frienemies...but that doesn't last long.) Also my sister and I are 12 months apart and it's been wonderful growing up with her. Great post!


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