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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Coats Wedding

Here are some pictures taken at the wedding last weekend.

The female side of the largest wedding party ever! 24 people in all!
It was great to see my dearest friend who resides on the east coast.
The bride and I just before the wedding.
The dress!


  1. What a lovely wedding party!

    May the Good Lord Bless you all,

  2. Hey there.Those are beautiful outfits! I've passed on a Creative blogger award...Come check out the rules!Take care

  3. I love those dresses! Especially the bride's dress. Very modest and beautiful!

  4. Nice dresses. The bride looks so beautiful :)

  5. what a lovely wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses!!! May I just say that her dress was LOVELY and so modest!! You just almost can not find those dresses any more!!!

  6. Those are gorgeous tastful, stylish and still modern and modest. The bride is so pretty....and you are too...just cheezing and all...I'd loved to get married to my hubby again...and I will ...hmmmm just 8 more years until our 25th.

  7. Thanks to all of you for the beautiful compliments!

  8. Lorrie, I would love to get married to my husband again too! However, we are only at five year, is a 10 year vow renewal ceremony too soon?

    I say you should go for the 25th!


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