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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Bella!

Today is Bella's 2nd birthday! In honor of her, I am dedicating this post to all things Bella!
  • Bella's name was chosen by her father and I off the internet.
  • She was born with a full head of dark, thick hair that reached her neck!
  • She was born on Memorial Day.
  • She could be soothed as a newborn by the sound of my voice.
  • She was the easiest pregnancy and labor, so far.

  • Bella loves to eat and will try any new food at least once.
  • She has always loved to snuggle and give kisses!
  • Her love language seems to be touch.
  • She likes to play dress up and has a favorite pair of Strawberry Shortcake boots that light up when she walks. 
  • We call her "Belle" for short.
  • She is a rambunctious gal who likes adventure.
Things we love about Bella:
  • Her ability to make everyone feel special with her affection.
  • Her big smile.
  • Her curly (and very manageable) hair.
  • Her thoughtful attempts to cheer Noelle up when she's sad.
  • Her sweet little voice.
                              Happy Birthday Belle!


  1. Happy B-day Belle. I hope you get as many bananas and as much chocolate as your little belly desires!


    (P.S. I love your hugs:)

  2. Happy Birthday Bella!!!

    The Brown Family

  3. Happy birthday to Belle. I have loved that name ever since watching Beauty and the Beast. Her name definitely fits her!

  4. Oh my what a cutie pie! She's adorable!
    Happy Birthday Bella :)

  5. too cute!!!

    Happy Birthday!...i remember where i was when she was being time flies!!!


  6. How very cute she is. Happy Birthday, Bella!

  7. How very very sweet she is!

  8. Thanks for all the well wishes! Bella really enjoyed her birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday Bella! Her name is so precious...of course I LOVE "B" names considering I have a Bryson! I never saw Beauty and the Beast (I know...bad mama) so this is the only Bella I've heard of...very cute!

  10. What sweet words you wrote for your daughters brithday! She is a doll!!!

    Happy birthday Bella and happy momma to you :O)

  11. Bella looks just like you! Amazing.

  12. A healthy adorable child. What a blessing.Happy belated birthday little Miss.

  13. She is gorgeous! I have something for you at my blog. Blessings! :)

  14. Bella means beautiful. And that she is :). Happy Birthday Bella!
    Bella and Lewis shares the same day.

    pam j.


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