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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Dad Hold

The Dad Hold has been known to put the little ones right to sleep!


  1. awww....noah looks just like ken!

    (with the exception of mommy's nose:)

  2. Pretty much all the men in my family have this father-in-law, dad, husband, grandpas. :) Noah looks so big already!! How much does he weigh these days? I can't believe how fast babies's just so bittersweet, isn't it?
    I guess that's good enough reason to keep having more, hey? ;)

  3. What a cute baby! You have a sweet family there. A husband, 2 girls, a son and a Christian Home! This is a true blessing.

    Thank you again for the Kreative Blogger Award. Appreciate this. My daughter showed me how to display it on my blog. Next I'll type out the 7 things I love.

    I'm so slow at all of this. Hopefully, it will get easier as I go.


  4. Oh my gosh! Look at those cheeks! And the dad hold is totally key. We called it "leopard on a ledge" and Mark used it with Zoe at that age all the time. Love it!!


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