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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eternity Gowns

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful compliments on our family and apparel at the wedding! 

A few of you commented on the how modest the the bridal party dresses were as well as the bride's. I remember from my own wedding planning, and from that of my friends that it can be quite difficult to find fashionably modest dresses for bridesmaids to wear.

I am not sure where the bride bought her dress; however, if you and/or someone you know are interested, the dresses we are wearing in the pictures were purchased from Eternity Gowns

Here is a short description about them:

Eternity offers a unique collection of bridal, bridesmaid, prom, MOB and Sacred Occasion gowns designed for the discriminating customer who does not choose to wear, or cannot wear, revealing styles due to religious and/or cultural restrictions, figure, organizational standards, or her own personal taste.

If you or someone you know decides to purchase something from them for a special occasion, please come back and mention it on my blog!


  1. Thanks LaSandra! I was wondering where those dresses came from. I really think that modest looks better and is more flattering on a woman than many of the popular styles today.

    Please ask hubby when he plans to record that song.

  2. Oh, my gosh L.H. These dresses are so beautiful, I got to have one. We need to make a special outing or "occasion" lol.


  3. Hope you don't mind me using the eternity gowns website, I wanted to spread the knowledge at


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