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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Comfy Columbus

We have made it to Ohio and have attended the wedding rehearsal. This is the largest wedding I have ever been apart of, or ever seen in person, for that matter. There is a total of 24 people in the bridal party!

Because of the size of the party, rehearsal ran a little longer than planned, but things seem to have went well. The wedding musician is impressive and caught on to my husband's song very quickly. Together, the song came across beautifully, if I do say so myself.

Besides the wedding, another highlight of our trip has been our very comfy (and affordable) suite. It is complete with a living area, fireplace, queen bed, sofa sleeper, and full kitchen. Its the perfect "home away from home." 

Speaking of which, although I'm still awake, some of us have already nestled in and made themselves at home...

Ahem. On that note, I think I'll join them.


  1. This an award winning photo!
    So very sweet.


  2. Is Kenneth planning to record that song to make it available to the rest of us? I've never heard it but I heard it was good.

  3. I may have to go back to bed now. Such a cute pic. So glad things are going well for you guys on your trip :)

  4. Oh my goodness! The girls sleeping next to each other is so beautiful. We should chat if you're still co-sleeping. Are you? We are and are loving it, but not sure when it would be the right timing to switch. Obviously, it's what's best for the individual fam, but seriously isn't it the greatest? I don't even know if you do; just figured you did because of the photo (but you're staying at a hotel, so maybe that's why the bed sharing). Take care and have a safe trip!

  5. love the picture! tehy are SOOO adorable!

  6. That is a truly gorgeous picture. They look so beautiful and peaceful. Thank heaven for those sweet moments when our kids are asleep!

  7. Cara- He did get the song copywritten and he will hopefully be recording it sometime soon.


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