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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Our weekend in Ohio was fabulous and it was topped off by a wonderful Mother's Day! Here were a few highlights:

  • Mini Reunion: Hubby and I reconnected with some our dearest out of town friends at the wedding and reception. Here is a picture of us (notice our girls playing in the background:)

  • Noah's Debut: Sunday was my first day back at church with the new baby. He was a hit!

  • Mother's Day Morning Run: Hubby got the children ready for church, while I made a kid-free coffee run and visited with my mom.

  • My Surprise Gift: Hubby outdid himself again! Guess who's going to see Third Day live in concert!


  1. Third Day!!! eeeeckkkk (to be read like a sqeeling teenage girl).... What a perfect gift!! Enjoy :O)

  2. Tia looks beautiful!

    And I love the fact that the you all are all smiles and and Noelle and Bella are in the background in what looks like a headlock :)

  3. She's a beautiful bride surrounded by beautiful ladies. So glad had a good time and Noah was a hit on Sunday morning :)
    I know you love your Mother's Day gift!

  4. Simple Beauty-

    I know! I am SO excited!

  5. Tiffany-

    LOL! This pic was taken at the end of the reception when it was WAAAY past their bedtime. There's no telling what they were up to by then!


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