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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Made for More

I've been reading bits and pieces of Lisa Osteen Comes' book; Made for More. She is very inspiring. Even the introduction hits in a powerful way! Here is a quote:

"'You've encountered many struggles in life, so I can only think that God must have big plans for you.'

My father said this to me...He knew that just because I'd know tragedy I wasn't a tragic figure, that just because I had a marriage that failed I wasn't a failure, that even though I'd suffered loss I wasn't a loser. He knew the things that happened to me didn't define me by their harshness or ugliness, their disappointment and despair. No, he knew I was more than all that and, if anything, my circumstances made more clear my resilience and tenacity, my promise and hope -- all I was mad e for and all I am becoming.

My Heavenly Father knows that about you, too.

No matter what you are going through, he sees so much more than the circumstances.  He sees that you are made for more goodness and hope, a promise of more than what you are now or how others would limit you to be, because he made you for more, for his pleasure and his good."

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful, Thankful, Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everybody!

There is so much to be thankful for! I am particularly thankful for my hubby, Noelle, Bella, Noah, and Halle. I am praising God for my parents and my brother as well who God has really blessed in many ways this year! I'm so thankful for my extended family and friends!

We have really enjoyed Thanksgiving this year! Hubby and I made turkey, dressing, greens, sweet potatoes, baked macaroni and cheese, and sweet potato pie! We ate, and ate, and ate...

now we can barely move. 

Still, we had so much fun. On Wednesday, the kids did a Thanksgiving craft and had a ball painting. They we a mess! On Thursday, we all went to church to hear a friend preach at  Hazel Crest Assembly Church. We we blessed by the message: "Not Broken."

We came home and I set our table with help from Bella. This was the first year that I had my turkey platter, tablecloth, and used place settings. Noelle and Bella had the pleasure of writing our names on each turkey setting. 

We had the children go around and say what they were thankful for and Noah looked at Bella and said, "I'm thankful for you. I love you!" It was kind of random, but so cute. He also said he was thankful for his sisters. As a matter of fact, I think that everyone essentially said that they were thankful for each other, which is a good thing since we have to live with each other, under under one roof, for many years to come!

After dinner, we drove to hubby's grandmother's house and ate again with his family. When we got done with that we ate again at my aunt's house with my family. I am sure you can imagine that after we stubbled to our car and managed to drive ourselves home, the only thing we had enough strength to do was to pull the cover up over us after we fell in the bed!!

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Noelle!

Today is Noelle's 7th Birthday! 

I was so nervous about giving birth when I was pregnant with Noelle because she was my firstborn and I didn't know much about having babies at all! I went to the hospital with a "false alarm" the day before I went into labor and was disappointed to be sent home. I had waited a week past Noelle's due date before I went into labor, and it still took about 24 hours before she was born.

Although I got the epidural, it wore off on one side of my body while I was in active labor! I was so freaked out! I was not prepared to have a natural birth, but thankfully, my mother -in- law was there to calm me down. Eventually, they tried the epidural again. It worked and I pushed Noelle out in about 5 pushes. 

She came out so alert! I remember her looking around and everyone taking turns holding her. It is hard to explain, but she never seemed like a "helpless infant."  During our first weeks at home, it seemed as though she was older, trying to hold up her own head and smiling very early. 

Since then, she continues to behave in a way that seems more suitable for an older child. However, it often turns out to be a great asset to our family since she is the oldest of 4 siblings.  I think this trait is best explained in the movie; It's a Wonderful Life, when George's father explains it to George, after George reassures him that his brother Harry is not too young to take over the the family's business because he would be the same age that George was when he took it over:

  • Mr. Bailey:   He's pretty young for that job. 

  • George:      Well, no younger than I was.
  • Mr. Bailey:  Maybe you were born older, George.
  • George:      How's that?
  • Mr. Bailey:  I say, you were born older.

You were born older. Embrace this maturity because it is something that God put in you. He wants to use it and He already has. You are a wonderful asset to our family, and have personally been a blessing to me in ways you are too young to understand. You are so sweet, smart, helpful, hardworking, and blessed. You make me very proud. I love you very much and I wish you the happiest birthday!!



Thursday, November 8, 2012

Toothlessness and other Developments

Bella joined the "toothless" club with Noelle a couple of weeks ago when she lost her front teeth! This is great because its just in time for us to get a real good laugh as we sing "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!" this holiday season! If you ask me, they are so cute at this stage!

Although Noelle has been missing her two front teeth for a while. She finally has one of her permanent teeth coming in. Still, the fact that Noelle and Bella had a time where they both were missing those 2 front teeth at the same time, reminds me of how close in age they are - 18 months apart! They  also have a close relationship and I think it is so cool for them to have each other as they grow up!

My son is reaching some pretty awesome milestones as well. I finally got serious about my potty training and now he's now wearing his spiderman underpants and using the potty like a big boy! If you remember this, you remember that I dread  the whole potty training thing and I drag my feet for as long as I can! But, I have been successful for a 3rd time! 

Noah is getting better at making his bed, cleaning up toys, and has almost mastered his colors. I tell him sometimes, "Noah, you're strong. You're smart. You are going to be a man of God!" So, now he tells me, "Mommy, I'm a man of God." I just smile and say, "Yes, you are Noah!" 

I also must mention that he has gotten into another habit. He has started telling me thoughout the day, as he rubs my arm, "You're a pretty mama. Mama, you so pretty." Yeah. I know what you're thinking.  But, he's mine. You gotta get your own;)