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Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Noelle!

Today is Noelle's 7th Birthday! 

I was so nervous about giving birth when I was pregnant with Noelle because she was my firstborn and I didn't know much about having babies at all! I went to the hospital with a "false alarm" the day before I went into labor and was disappointed to be sent home. I had waited a week past Noelle's due date before I went into labor, and it still took about 24 hours before she was born.

Although I got the epidural, it wore off on one side of my body while I was in active labor! I was so freaked out! I was not prepared to have a natural birth, but thankfully, my mother -in- law was there to calm me down. Eventually, they tried the epidural again. It worked and I pushed Noelle out in about 5 pushes. 

She came out so alert! I remember her looking around and everyone taking turns holding her. It is hard to explain, but she never seemed like a "helpless infant."  During our first weeks at home, it seemed as though she was older, trying to hold up her own head and smiling very early. 

Since then, she continues to behave in a way that seems more suitable for an older child. However, it often turns out to be a great asset to our family since she is the oldest of 4 siblings.  I think this trait is best explained in the movie; It's a Wonderful Life, when George's father explains it to George, after George reassures him that his brother Harry is not too young to take over the the family's business because he would be the same age that George was when he took it over:

  • Mr. Bailey:   He's pretty young for that job. 

  • George:      Well, no younger than I was.
  • Mr. Bailey:  Maybe you were born older, George.
  • George:      How's that?
  • Mr. Bailey:  I say, you were born older.

You were born older. Embrace this maturity because it is something that God put in you. He wants to use it and He already has. You are a wonderful asset to our family, and have personally been a blessing to me in ways you are too young to understand. You are so sweet, smart, helpful, hardworking, and blessed. You make me very proud. I love you very much and I wish you the happiest birthday!!



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