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Sunday, June 1, 2008

And so it begins...

I've kicked. I've screamed. I've dragged my feet. Now I must potty train my 2 and 1/2 year old.

Yes, I have felt the pressure to do this since her second birthday, but I wanted to wait until I knew that she was both physically and emotionally "ready." However, seeing as she she has gotten to the point where she is beginning to ask me to change her diaper before or as soon as she goes, I think its time. Do you concur?

I have attempted a little here and a little there to talk to her about the potty and she has gone in it once before. However, I have not honestly been committed to seeing it through to the end. Frankly, this whole business of emptying out the potty chair grosses me out to no end! I might just forego the "little throne" altogether and just sit my little princess on the "big throne" from the start.

She spent some time on the potty for a while at two different times today, but there was no action. So, tommorow morning when she wakes up I am going to take her straight to the bathroom, where she will hopefully be spending alot more time in from now on.


  1. Do the morning ritual by putting her on when she wakes up. But my Doc. told me to pu her on like after she drinks ANYTHING and sometimes after she eats certain things. Give it appx 15 minutes to digest, put on her favorite video, and MAKE her sit for appx 10-15minutes. When she finlly goes, celebrate like crazy!!!!!
    Also, it may be hard, but she needs to wear panties througout the day. Walmart has "Training Pants" they look and feel EXACTLY like panties, but has a thick lining. And at night, put her pull ups back on. After a while, ahe will not want those wet panties on her!!!!
    Homewood, Il

  2. Hey LaSandra,

    I love your blog space! I especially like all of the photos. I am so proud of you and Kenneth. Seeing your lives unfold online is truely an inspiration and a blessing to myself, and I'm sure others.


  3. The Other MotherThu Jun 05, 01:28:00 PM

    Panties, training pants lovely ideas!So it's all in the blog!

  4. I had the same feelings about potty chairs, so we just bought an insert for the toilet that fits their little bums just right. I started pretty early, but even at two and a half, we were still working on it. One piece of advice: try to avoid pull-ups and just go with underwear. It may require a bit more cleaning up and laundry, but in the end, they learn faster and it's less wasteful. Kid will feel just as grown up in big kid underwear as they will in pull-ups, but they will learn to avoid going in their underwear because they will really feel being wet, whereas in pull-ups, they can go and it won't be running down their legs. We used diapers at night until our daughter was a little over two and a half and then just let her wet her bed until she figured it out. If you restrict their liquid intake before bed (nothing except tiny sips for at least two hours before bedtime), they are much less likely to wet the bed. It's a hard job, but starting now will be better off for you and your daughter. In my opinion, the longer you wait (particularly if you start after three), the more likely you are to have trouble. If you ever have any questions, I've been there and I'm starting with my son now, too. It's definitely a good sign if they tell you that they need their diaper changed. My son is 21 months and he'll actually come up to me and say poopy while he's going in his diaper. No better time than now, I think.

  5. All of this potty advice! Thank You! Sounds like I hear a common theme: "Training Panties are the way to go" Thanks to "the other mom", I already have three pair;)!


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