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Thursday, June 5, 2008

That was us 4 years ago today...

Two cars, two moves, and two kids later...we are still as happy as we look on that picture;)

So far, our anniversary week has been very nice! Hubby surprised me Monday night by calling me from work and telling me to get dressed because he was going to take me out on a date. He found a sitter and we expeditously made our way downtown and then to a thai resturaunt we both really like.

Today we are taking the girls to my parents and then we are off for a romantic afternoon!

Perhaps you're wondering how we met?

We had attended the same high school from freshman year; however, we didn't actually become friends until our sophmore year. I distinctly remember that he sat behind me in a history class. One day, I overheard him cracking jokes and talking about people in class(mind you, this was "pre-salvation" for both of us). I remember finding his sense of humor to be both edgy and absolutely hilarious! Honestly, I think I could appreciate his humor so much because it was so different from my own; in that, he was the type of person who would say the things I only thought my head;) So, he joked, and I laughed. He joked some more, and I laughed some more. Soon, he sat behind me and we carried on like this in every class we had together.

Even though we were just platonic friends, we seemed to quickly develop a casual affinity for one another. If there was a group project assigned, we chose to work with each other. If there was research to be done, we researched at the library together. He made my projects for me in woodshop(if you know me, you know I've never been the kind of girl to work well with a saw and some wood;) We were involved in almost every extracurricular activity together. We even founded one together called the Student Action Committee. We found out that we made a good team.

Although, we weren't apart of the same social groups at school, we developed a more social relationship out of school. We talked on the phone for hours on end. We hung out downtown Chicago and ate at Ronny's Steakhouse. Although we were only in high school, we encouraged one another and we inspired one another. This was the start of a platonic friendship that I believe was ordained by God. Little did we know that it would blossom into a romantic relationship 4 years later, and then into a year of courtship, another year of engagement, and now four wonderful years of marriage! I'm looking forward to many many more!

"His mouth is sweetness itself; he is desirable in every way. Such, O women of Jerusalem, is my lover, my friend." (Song of Solomon 5:16 NLT)


  1. I am at a lost for words, that is soooooooo sweet.I wish you guys the best on your special anniversary (week). Love ya!

  2. awwww...happy anniversary!

    PS I really love the blog, you are doing a great job!

  3. Even though the timeline is different, it reminds me of my story as well. My husband and I were friends first, and then slowly realized there was something else there. I'm so glad for that beginning, laughing together, enjoying the same movies and music, etc. It's a great way to begin. Congratulations (we just celebrated four years in February, too :)).

  4. Thanks for all of the happy anniversary wishes!

    db: I needed that encouragement about the blog.

    Kati: Happy Anniversary to you then too! I think you're right being friends first is a great way to start. It provides such a solid foundation for the relationship.

  5. So many congratulations to the two of you. Marriage is a journey against which few others can compare. Daily it is an opportunity to learn to love, grow, listen and live honestly. It is a kind of magnificent teacher to all willing to learn.

    Best to you!


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