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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"...a historic step toward his once-improbable goal..."

Some are wondering, "Just how did Barack Obama win the democratic nomination?" This article by Margaret Talev argues that it was the result of many factors, from his hard work in Iowa to his ability to make inspiring speeches with a broad appeal. Moreover, Talev writes, "He tapped into an urge of many people to participate, and he gave them a means of participating, and kept them informed through an e-mail network, and he got them feeling they were part of the campaign and making history happen. And he had a personal charisma that struck a chord deeply in the American psyche."

This idea that "personal charisma" has alot to do with why Barack Obama won the nomination is an interesting one. I thought about the fact that my 2 and 1/2 year old refers to him as "Uncle Bama" (no...we didn't teach her that!:) She sees him on television, she hears him speak, and she says, "Uncle Bama!" Is this a 2 year olds response to that "personal charisma"?

I decided to do a little investigating by looking at Obama's blog. Here are a few quotes made to him from supporters:

-"I am currently reading the Audacity of Hope and am very impressed with his down-to-earth demeanor and straight forward approach.'-Tara

-"...The degree of class and integrity in which you carry yourself speaks volumes about your upbringing..." -Dwayne

-"Obama is a wonderful person, a good soul."-Bee

Expressions such as, "Down to earth," "degree of class and integrity," 'wonderful person," and "good soul" all reflect some pretty strong feelings toward this man's character. Are we at a point in history where America's perception of one's character is the most important factor for them?

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  1. I believe that there are individuals in America that are looking beyond race and looking at the characters of the presidential candidates. Unfortunately, I must say that if my decision was based on character rather than race I am not sure if Mr. Obama would have my vote. Also, I believe that a politician’s real character is reflective of their platforms and voting history, not what they say in speeches or books. I will admit there is an excitement surrounding the idea of having our first Black president…to think that a country that allowed the gruesome enslavement of an entire race has now nominated a person from that race to possibly become the next president! But for me that excitement is overshadowed by the very liberal stance Mr. Obama takes on issues that I believe are vital to me, my children, and the future of this country. I think between now and the general election, Christians must determine if Mr. Obama’s race is the major factor in the decision to vote for him, totally ignoring the character and the agenda that he promotes. After all, if I vote for Obama just because he is black, isn't that just as bad as NOT voting for him because he is?


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