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Friday, May 30, 2008

What I love

In less than a week I will be celebrating my four year wedding anniversary. So, to kick off a little "pre-celebrating" I thought I'd write my own version of this.

Here it is:

What I love about my man

I love that he taught me how to cook.
I love his willingness to give me foot rubs.
I love that he works hard at whatever task is given to him.
I love his ability to come up with silly nicknames for our daughters that make them feel special.
I love that he tells me when I'm wrong.
I love the way he makes me laugh until I cry and can't breathe or get up off the floor.
I love his abilty to "tell it like it is"
I love that he remembers what I was wearing the first time he saw me.
I love him in a clean, ironed button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
I love his singing.
I love the way he can read my face.
I love that he's always been a bit of a loner.
I love his hugs.
I love the way he praises God.
I love his ability to "weather any storm."
I love that he supports me.
I love his generosity and selflessness.
I love the way he always wishes he'd ordered what I ordered when we're out at a resturaunt.
I love his confidence.
I love how he listens to my ramblings and never asks me to leave him alone, even if he is deathly tired.
I love how he can be outlandish.
I love how he loves his Lord.
I love how he loves me.
I love him.


  1. Four years?! Wow, I remember it like it was yesterday:)

    Happy Anniversary.

  2. Girl,, I think I love him TOOOO

    Homewood, IL

  3. My how time flies...Happy Anniversary!

  4. Time had passed quickly!...Thanks for the happy anniversary wishes!

  5. (singing)Happy anniversary, Happy anniversary, Happy anniversary, Haaa-py anniversary! love you guys!
    By the way, come over and lay down those b-e-a-utiful words to some music if ya want.

  6. I love the way you love him! Don't ever stop - God will teach you how to love YOUR husband in HIM! Happy anniversary! KAAH

  7. The Other MotherThu Jun 05, 01:23:00 PM

    Happy Anniversary! May you enjoy many more!

  8. I LOVE IT! This is beautiful girl. All of your stories in this section have really touched my heart. You have persuaded me to want to marry one day, still deep in the future though :-) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hey Toni! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment! Its good to know that people are reading and gaining something from what I am writing.

    Marriage is a beautiful thing. I don't regret it one bit!


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