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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In the right place, at the right time

Tuesday night is the night of the week my husband keeps our babies, while I get all dressed up and venture out ALONE to...yes! you guessed it: Prayer Meeting!

I always enjoy Tuesday Night Prayer, but this Tuesday night was especially great, in that I realized, once again there can be more than just spritual blessings in the house of the Lord!;) Right when I was about to leave prayer someone told me that they had some bottles of perfume in a bag and I could pick one before I left. Just so happens, this individual works at a department store and had designer perfumes in a bag! For free!

Now, for a "normal" person, this may have been nothing but a mere insignifigant coincidence. However, for a girl like me who (can never get enough variety of sweet smelling fragrances) this was a divine blessing from God just for me! In so many words: The JACKPOT!

As I write(type) to you now, I'm enjoying the sweet scent of "Island" by Micheal Kors. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!


  1. Stolen merchandise perhaps?

  2. hey, love your lay out and your blog, I have an addiction to perfumes. I can't stay away from bath and body works, my favorite right now is paris hilton. we have a lot in common.

  3. Hey...A good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children, but a sinner's wealth is stored up for the righteous(prvbs13:22;)

  4. Thanks Janaiya! And thanks for commenting! I'm glad you're enjoying it! I might have to smell that paris hilton you mentioned;)!


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