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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Third Day

Let me draw your attention to the bottom of screen. Go ahead....look. Down there is a video bar powered by You Tube. If you click on one the pictures you will hear a song by christian rock band,Third Day. My hubby and kids bought me their Chronology Volume 2 cd for Mother's Day (and a ipod shuffle to put it on might I add;) These were two gifts I had been wanting for some time.

I usually listen to contemporary or traditional gospel music and although I enjoy a hand-clappin' foot-stompin' good time just like the next person, I sometimes feel the need to change things up a bit. Third Day produces the perfect blend of an upbeat sound accompainied by meaningful, soul nourishing lyrics. Go ahead and click on one of the pictures to enjoy the uplifting lyrics along with great music in the background. You can learn more about Third Day and buy their music here.

I am yet to get a chance to listen to all of the songs on the cd I have, but here are my most favorite songs by Third Day so far:

#1. "Your Love Oh Lord" (Brilliant!)
#2 "Show me your Glory" (More Brilliant!)
#3 "Mountain of God" (The Most Brilliant of them all!)
#4 "You are so good to me" (My husbands favorite)

You can listen to all of these on You Tube as well.

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