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Sunday, May 25, 2008


My husband and I decided that tonight was a great night for a late night ice cream run. Of course, we're coming to realize that whenever he's thinking actual "ice cream" I'm usually thinking blended "ice cream-like" coffee drink. I have to confess that even at church I had to fight occasional thoughts of a nice cold Mocha Frappiccino from Starbucks(oooh...this flesh!).

To my dismay, by the time we went for our ice cream run, Starbucks was closed;( So, I decided to try something new and ordered a Mocha Cappuccino Blast from Baskin Robbins. The drink consist of coffee blended with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. I figured that since it combined two of my simple pleasures: coffee and chocolate, I couldn't go too wrong with it. So, while my sweetheart enjoyed his Nutty Coconut Shake, I sipped and enjoyed a nice new alternative to the Mocha Frap I would have normally gotten from Starbucks.

MMmmmm....How I love finding new ways to treat myself. What's your favorite treat?


  1. girl i had good one from borders on friday...nothing like cold frosted coffee and books!


  2. My favorite treat? Well, being pregnant I have a lot of "favorites." One of my favorites is cake and ice cream. There's something about that melted ice cream coming together with the too sweet frosting and the yellow cake inside on top of a cheap paper plate. Yum!

  3. My husband took me to cold stone and got us a quart of cheesecake fantasy(his) and the founder's favorite(mine)---vanilla icecream with brownie,chocolate chips,caramel,fudge,and pecans. As you may know, i have to have my dd perks-- Iced coffee latte with caramel at work every other day. That's not good for my diet!


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