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Friday, January 21, 2011

No News Here

Silly me. I thought there might be a good chance that since my due date was based on an ultrasound versus my last menstrual cycle, that I might have the baby on or before my due date. Pish posh! There is no sign of labor. No. Sign.

Even the false labor I was having daily eventually came to an abrupt end sometime last week. Every once in a while, I feel some Braxton Hicks contractions, but they come of nothing.

Sure, I found myself getting a bit impatient once I came from my appointment with the midwife, the day after my due date, and realized that there was really nothing going on that would indicate labor for me in the following days. Nevertheless, this time has given me more time to actually rest, pray, and prepare. It was actually MUCH NEEDED!

Furthermore, I have almost become tickled at the unpredictability of this baby. You think you going to figure her out? You can't figure her out. We just new she was a boy. We had a name picked out and everything. Nope, girl. We thought she was coming on her due date. Nope. I usually feel a ton of Braxton Hicks and false labor at the end of my pregnancies. This time, nothing.

She's mysterious that way. She can't be pegged down. She won't be put in a box. A complex and unique creature. I think like her already;)


  1. thanks for the update. I like her too already.

  2. It never works. I don't think there is a baby anywhere who can be predictable!! Or even the events in a pregnancy. I pray you will be relieved of your package in a timely manner and the Lord will bless you with strength.

  3. I was wondering! I love a girl who moves on her own terms. Brava, new baby!

  4. Another one that's already taking after Mommy-moving to the beat of her own drum!


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