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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Frogs and snails, and puppy dog tails"...

...we're about to see if that's what little boys are really made of!!

I went in by myself while hubby waited in the lobby with the girls. Our ultrasound technician was very serious at first, which made me hesitant to ask her alot of questions. So, when it seemed as though she was almost done, I asked her if she could see the gender and she said, "Yes, its boy." She then proceeded to point out all the important...ahem..."parts" so I could see for myself:) I was tickled to say the least!

After a few minutes they invited my husband and the girls to come in and she told him the news. And talkin' about a PRAISE!!!. This man stood in the ultrasound room with his hands lifted toward heaven and just began to praise God without a bit of inhibition! As we walked down the hall, he stopped every stranger within earshot and told them, "I just want to let you know I have two girls. I prayed and asked God to bless me with a son, and He did it! God answers prayer!" People laughed, smiled, and rejoiced with us as we relished the moment.

Leading up to this day, both my husband and I kept wondering, why it was taking so long for us to be able to find out the gender of this baby. Nevertheless, somehow all the suspense made the moment even more special. Now, I'm thinking that perhaps this was God's version of a little "Christmas Bonus.":)


  1. Yay!! Congratulations! That made me cry - seriously! I can totally imagine the joy you must be feeling knowing that you will have a boy. And good for your man, giving thanks where it was due - my husband was so thrilled with our second son - I think he'd been putting in his requests with God, too - he wanted to have sons. :)

  2. Thanks Katie! God is so good. I still don't think either my husband or I have come down from our "high" yet!

    Have a blessed Christmas!

  3. Thank you Jesus! I'm so happy for you all. Not to worry though, if it wasn't a boy I would have let you borrow ours:)


  4. congrats! GOD is good!


  5. I'm so excited for you guys (little boys are AMAZING!). :) our boys will be soooo close in age! fun stuff.

  6. A very belated congratulations to you both! I want to tell you that as excited as he is, please know that a boy is truly a mother's gift. I can't describe in words how great it is having him in my life. There's something very special about the mother/son bond, and as he gets older, that bond will become stronger. My "gift" is 10 now (can you believe it?) and watching him develop into an intelligent, kind, handsome, Christian young man is extremely heartwarming. He's a daddy's boy and they spend a lot of time together, but sometimes it's just a look he gives or a laugh that's something that only he and mommy understand.

  7. Thanks Vernee! Its so exciting to be having a son! I am looking forward to that "special bond."


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