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Saturday, August 15, 2009

For The Domestically Challenged Homemaker

Isn't it just beautiful how many christian-homemaker blogs you find online? Sewing, knitting, and crocheting are just a few of the many skills these homemakers employ to make clothes for their family. They get up before dawn to begin the day with prayer before they nurse and cloth diaper their baby. Then its off to begin breakfast for the family. Mind you, this breakfast consist of fresh, organic food grown in their garden and the bread they baked the night before. Not to mention the fact that they have managed to buy all their groceries for under $25.00 a week!

They manage a home that's filled with the aroma fresh baked cookies and the sound of well-behaved children (who share) and are single-handedly homeschooled by their devoted mother. These homemakers enjoy and delight in the cooking, cleaning, and the day to day task; focusing on its eternal purpose and rewards. They are "model" homemakers.

...And then there's the rest of us.

The rest of us, domestically challenged homemakers find the "model" homemakers wonderfully inspirational. However, we just don't get it.

You see, we find much of this cleaning to be...well, tedious and gross. When the clock strikes 3:30pm and we know its time to start dinner, we feel a overwhelming feeling of anxiety. We've tried to set the clock for 5:30am for prayer, but instead we are usually "snatched" out of our sleep by some small person's crying and whining.

We can barely thread a needle. We have "show-downs" with our children EVERYDAY. We love them, but we have to call on the name of the Lord for strength not to react toward some of their actions in a way that might traumatize them.

We secretly miss the office. No, we wouldn't really rather be there; but, at least there our tasks were clear and we were monetarily rewarded after our performance evaluation. We were trained to read, write, network, present, and to "climb the ladder." No one trained us on how to cook, clean, bake, or sew. When we came home, we stepped out of our "element" and left behind those things we once excelled and took pride in.

Nevertheless, we hang in there, striving to embrace our role as homemakers. We too focus on the eternal rewards, knowing that this work is more important than anything we would have ever accomplished at the office. We stick to it, pressing to learn, perfecting our skills and our hearts because we know that this is a sacred calling and we want to please our Lord.

If you are a domestically challenged homemaker, be encouraged! Don't beat yourself up because you feel behind the "model" homemaker! You are blessed because you "fear the Lord and walk in his ways. You will eat the fruit of your hands. You will be happy and it will be well with you" (psalm 128:1-2, NASB).

Your home is cluttered on every side, yet not abandoned; your life chaotic, but not in without purpose. You are tired, but not defeated; domestically challenged, but not without hope!


  1. What a wonderful post....I so totally agree with you, I just wrote something about this very topic on my blog a few days ago please stop by and check it out, sometimes mothers and wives try to make it seems as if their homes are perfect and running smoothly, but we all know that no one is perfect but the Lord...I am so glad you wrote this post it is so true. Have a blessed rest of the week..

  2. Excellent post! We all have strengths and weaknesses and our homemaking skills are not exempt from this. In a sea of "perfect homemakers" this was a bold and refreshing take on our roles within the home. Thanks for your candidness and be blessed!

  3. I adore this post!! Said with grace and gusto!!


  4. I'm with you here. I didn't really work before I got married (other than in a string of retail jobs), but somehow I know that a desk job would be so much easier than this one.
    I like what you said about admiring the good housekeepers but just not getting it. That's how I feel all the time!

  5. ummph...I speechless. Very well written, I think I'll print it.

  6. I identified with this post soooo much!!! Thanks for sharing it, and providing encouragement.

  7. Thank You!

    I like to read mommy blogs,but some I have had to put down because they are too "Perfect" for me and leave me feeling inadequate vs. empowered.


  8. Thank you! A while ago I mentioned that sometimes I don't feel 'connected' to other mommy blogs because of this very reason.

  9. An absolutely wonderful post. Thanks! :D


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