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Monday, October 5, 2009

Standing Against The Schemes of The Devil

"...the bigger picture...has to do with this epic story that God is writing. 

He is a God of life, and when we cherish and value life, when we cherish and value children, we’re really standing against the schemes of the devil, who wants to cut off that next generation.

We’re being counter-cultural. We’re swimming upstream, and we’re saying, “'No, we want the baton of the gospel to be passed on intact to the generation to come, so that they can declare the goodness and the redeeming work and acts of God to the next generation.'”

~Nancy Leigh DeMoss in her interview with Carolyn McCulley, 9/4/09.

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  1. I LOVE this quote! We are making an eternal impact with every tear we wipe away, every nose we blow, every time we sit down to read with our child, or tuck them into bed...our love for our children today will ripple down through the generations and echo in Heaven.

    You, my friend, are saving up for yourself treasures in Heaven. Your heart blesses me every time I read your words.




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