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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Around the Blogosphere

Don't you just love it when you're snooping around the internet and find out about some great new blogs? I have recently learned of 3 new blogs that I am enjoying and I thought I'd share them with you.

Yeye Says is a blog written by a friend of mine from college. She has always been hilarious and transparent and that combination comes across beautifully at her new blog.

She explains her blog by writing:

"Yeye Says is where I write about my experiences an thoughts, as well as connect with other mothers for support, advice, laughs, and camaraderie. Let’s talk babies, mother-wife balance, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, vegetarianism."

Stuff and Nonsense is written by Alison, a wife and homeschooling mom of 4 children. She explains how she picked the name for her blog by writing:

"Stuff and Nonsense is a phrase from the book Anne of Green Gables that I adore. It was Marilla's way of saying, "Now that's just silly." To me the phrase struck a chord as a great way to describe our everyday life. Silly. And I'm okay with that because our home here on this planet is temporary and ephemeral. But while we're here we try and fill it with love and gusto.
So you have been warned. Read at your own peril."

Christian Children's Book Review was created by a group of Christian moms who explain:

"We're Christian moms who not only love books, but love helping our kids learn to love books - and the Lord. This blog is our ministry, started because we couldn't find a comprehensive website of Christian children's picture book reviews. We hope you find it useful."

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  1. Thank you, LaSandra! I've been dropping by your blog for a little while now and glad to be amongst a friend in the blogosphere. You and the family are an inspiration. So much love, dear friend!


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