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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Sister, Little Sister

Just as I suspected, Bella is quite the little nurturer. She comes in my room often to check on the baby and asks me if she can "keep and eye" on her.

One night, she took the baby doll that my mom bought for Halle and covered it up under a blanket next to Halle. Bella was proud of her work.

Bella was made sure that both Halle and her baby doll were comfortable. If you look closely, you will see that she even added a "special touch" by using one of my breast pads as a pillow for the baby doll.
Bella even wanted to nurse Halle. I explained that I had that part under control;)


  1. Too sweet. Big sisters are great.

  2. This is really sweet...I just hope Bella still has enough room in her heart for chloe=)

  3. @Tiffany-LOL! At first, Bella would call Halle "Chloe" by mistake;) So she must still be in Bella's heart:-)


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