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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hubby vs. The Squirrel

Hubby has been in an ongoing battle with a very bold and persistent squirrel.

Round 1:
The fury little creature ate a hole in the top of our plastic garbage can. So, hubby had a new one delivered. He ate a hole in that one too.

Squirrel- 1. Hubby- 0

Round 2:
Hubby heard that squirrels would be turned off by the smell of coyote urine. So, he bought a spray bottle full of some concoction that included coyote urine from Home Depot. He sprayed that all over the top of our garbage can. Apparently, the squirrel thought the concoction was there for his benefit. So, he used it as his barbeque sauce. He continued to get in our garbage.

Squirrel-2 Hubby-0

Round 3:
Hubby thought he would really outsmart our little nuisance by using duck tape to put a mesh wire tightly over the hole that the squirrel made in our garbage can. This seemed to have worked for a while. But, eventually the squirrel decided that the mesh wire could serve as a sort of appetizer before his main course and ate through that too.

Squirrel-3 Hubby-0

Round 4:
Hubby got wind of the fact the squirrels hate the smell of ammonia. Thus, hubby got a large towel and kept it soaked in ammonia and stuck it inside the hole that the squirrel had made in our garbage. Hubby had finally won. The squirrel stopped coming around and seemed to finally be defeated.

Alas, tis not that simple. Once the weather warmed up and it was hard to keep the towel wet, the squirrel came back and ate an even bigger hole in the garbage can.

Squirrel-4 Hubby-0

Which leads us to Round 5...

You are looking at Hubby's latest conception. It consist of plastic from a canola oil bottle that is literally cocked to the garbage can. Furthermore, the brick you see is holding the plastic in place with the help of that shovel.

Has hubby finally defeated the notorious squirrel? Or can this squirrel eat through brick and mortar? At this point, I wouldn't be surprised. Perhaps it can also leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Actually, hubby says that if the squirrel can get through this one, he deserves our garbage. In fact, he says he might just buy the squirrel a big fat victory cake and set it inside.

To be continued...


  1. Haha. Those animals sure are smart. To a point anyway!!

  2. @Tricia and db-

    LOL! The squirrel won again, we're on to round 6!


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