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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm a list maker.

I've come to accept that I cannot function without a list.

I've always been one who learns and remembers by writing things down, but my dependency on lists has gone to another level. I think its because of the voices.

See, there are so many voices talking to me at the same time. And no, the voices are not in my head! They are real voices coming for four real little people! At this point in my life, if I do not write it down on a list, its doomed!

Everything depends on my list. Our bills getting paid, diapers getting changed, meals getting made, my hygiene, my sanity, my very survival, and that of the ones around me, depends on my list! My list is my new brain. It was difficult at first, but now that I have come to terms with this, I have moved on to new and improved methods of list making!

For example, a couple of my mentors told me about the "If-Then" chart some time ago. Now that I have embraced the fact that my children's best chance of being consistently and lovingly trained, rests upon my ability to make a list dedicated to that effort, this chart seems like the perfect buy!

This 8.5x11" colored, laminated "If-Then" chart by Doorposts is designed to help you be more consistent in disciplining your children.

When they disobey, it will help you know what you need to do, and it will help your kids to know what to expect. It is an excellent tool at helping the husband and wife to be more united in their efforts to discipline and raise their children for the Lord.

When children can visually see the problem with their behavior, it helps them to respond more favorably to the consequence.

Are you a list maker too? What helps you remember things?


  1. As usual, I can relate! I have voices, too..and hands grasping and reaching and feet running and stomping. :) I make lists and notes, I use my Microsoft Works Calendar to remind myself to pay bills or go to appointments (complete with alarms that come up on my screen when something is approaching). I love the idea of the If-Then chart! Actually, while looking at the website, I decided that all of those charts are good ideas. I can imagine my hallway full of them...goodness knows we deal with these things each day. :)

  2. @ Katie- lol! I think I am going to get all the charts from doorposts too! lol!

    I like your methods of using actual alarms...that may come in handy for me as well!

  3. this is so nice. i was thinking about this because i remember seeing it in someone's house, but wasnt sure if they made it. thanks...i love lists!!!



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