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Friday, December 16, 2011

God has been just that good!

This video is a 2010 review of Mount Zion Apostolic Faith Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have had the pleasure of hearing many of the preachers featured on the video, in person. And yes, we believe in having "chuch." And yes, it does get just as exciting and just as hilarious as it looks on this video!

To be honest, even as I watched the video, I began to reflect on my own 2011 review. I found that one minute I was laughing and the next minute I was shouting all over the kitchen. God is just that good! 2011 has been perhaps one of the roughest years of my life! But, I thank God that I can still see his faithfulness!

Have you began to reflect over 2011 yet? Despite the struggles, can you look back and see God's hand working in your life? Have you praised him yet? Go ahead and watch the video. You might find the praise contagious!


Your ideas, questions, and comments are welcome!