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Friday, January 6, 2012

Kitchen Playdates

When I spotted this book at the library, I immediately thought of a friend who has a knack for making a simple recipe come alive! I thought that some of you might also find it useful! Lauren Bank Deen, author of the book, Kitchen Playdates, explains how she did a little reinventing after having children;
"The arrival of my children changed an aspect of my life that I was pretty happy with: the opportunity for social spontaneity, including the occasional nightcap or a long Sunday brunch at a restaurant. Of course my husband, Anthony, and I are absolutely crazy about our kids, Mathias and Natasha, and can't imagine life without them. But we have both had a little pang for certain aspects of the way things were.  
 Family life is chaotic-there's just no way around it. So, I decided, why not embrace it? I'm a problem solver by trade and temperament; how hard could it be to do the family thing and see friends, too? Through a little trial and error I found that I didn't have to give up my former life, just reinvent it a little."
Deen decided to write a book that would provide parents with the tools and inspiration they needed to have Kitchen Playdates. She defines Kitchen Playdates as, "a playdate that includes the grown-ups, complete with great food and if you're up for it, a cooking project with the kids." Doesn't that sound fun!?

You can find out more about Kitchen Playdates here.


  1. Cool. Thanks for the review. I love children's cook books like that and I know my kids will too.


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