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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How Blogging Keeps Me Sane

Case in point - Blogging keeps me sane because it keeps me bonded with others for whom this is a normal course of conversation:

 "Get down off the counter. No, it is not snack time yet. Yes, you need to take a bath. Now. Put the cat down. Please pick up your crayons. Please pick up your shoes. Please pick up your jacket. Please put down the cat. No, it is not snack time yet. Did you wipe? Did you wash your hands? We do not throw fits. We do not write on walls. We do not pull people's hair. Would you like someone to speak to you the way you just spoke to your sister? What? She took her diaper off? Where is she? Everyone stop what you are doing and find the baby! No, it is not snack time yet. Didn't I just say that?" 

 -Katherine from

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