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Monday, March 17, 2014

My boy is 5!

My boy is 5 years old today! Excuse me, I have to type that again for the sake of processing: My boy is 5 years old today! Okay. that helped. 

Currently, Noah is all about Batman. Thus, I have a Batman cake to pick up today around five o' clock. We have some gifts for him to open and are just excited to see him so excited to be a 5 year old. Here are some things we are just absolutely loving about Noah: 

1.Noah still loves to dress up with his ties, hankerchiefs, button-up shirts, and jackets. I secretly hope that this is not a phase, but just something about him that will remain until adulthood:)

2. Noah is still very much into singing and music and likes to pretend that he is in a band. He likes the guitar, the keyboard, and the drums.

4. Noah is so affectionate. He is especially affectionate toward his mommy (another thing I secretly hope will never change;) Hugs, kisses, and "I love you' s" galore come from this little guy and are a blessing to us all.

3. Noah, who has always been on the quiet side, is beginning to be more talkative and conversational. This catches me off guard sometimes because its new. However, I love to talk to him about things he is learning, about God, about how he loves his family, and of course, about Batman. 


When daddy and I prayed and asked God for a son, we knew we would enjoy having a boy. But, we had no idea just how much your personality, your voice, your humor, your quirks, and all the other qualities God has put in you would steal our hearts. You are a joy and we love you Big Boy!


  1. He is so very cute and I am sure he is a true blessings to you. God answered your prayer. God is so very good. May he have a super Birthday!

  2. Awwwww, this so sweet!!! Remind me of my fact, Ziiiiion come give momma some suga lol. Happy Birthday little sweet guy!!! Noah, you are an answered prayer!

  3. Deanna, Thank you very much. Yes, God really did. How have you been?

  4. Alexis, Are not these boys the best? Thanks for commenting:)


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