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Friday, December 5, 2014

Favorite Moments

I know summer has passed and we are entering into the winter months. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist sharing some of my favorite photos with you.
I think that by far, most of my favorite photos of my kids are the ones where we caught them in motion, laughing, playing and having fun. Below are some photos I took of Halle as she ran through the sprinklers at a Splash Pad park near our home. She ran, jumped, and sang songs impromptu. One of them was a simple chant, "Let's get this party started! Let's get this party started!..." She even solicited other kids in the park that she didn't know to join in with her singing and playing. They too picked up on the chant.
I am not quite sure what to think about the appropriateness of that chant for my 3-year old. However, one thing is for sure: My Halle certainly knows how to have a good time:-)

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