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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I have hard days.

Really hard. Here is my Facebook post after a "wild" evening with the kids...

It all started when one of them starting crying because they couldn't find one of their gloves. That crying continued for about 10 minutes in the car. As I entered the grocery store I realized I forgot my list. I could not remember giving the children any candy, but they acted as if they had each ate a half pound of sugar. Of course, three had a bathroom emergency in the midst. After almost an hour of shenanigans, one dropped a glass jar of pesto sauce in the aisle. Oh, the shame.

I finally got all of them in the car. I could feel my upper back muscles tensing up as I loaded the groceries in the trunk. It is now dark, cold, the wind is blowing my hair all over my head. Just when I thought I had a moment of silence, I hear one say in a dramatic, story-telling voice, "Oh, poor Mommy. The wind is blowing as she tugs the heavy groceries into the car..." as if she is narrating my saga...Really?

I need everyone to close their eyes and stretch their hands toward the computer screen in a moment of silent prayer for me right now. ‪#‎Jesusberestraint‬ ‪#‎nowitshomeworktime‬ ‪#‎ihavetomovebedtimeuptonight‬

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