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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Little Chefs

Our children have a very crafty godmother who stunned us all with the one of a kind aprons and chef's hats she made for Christmas.

Here is a picture of the set sold at Pottery Barn Kids:

Now here is a picture of our girls with the ones their godmother made:

Not bad eh? I'd say she gave Pottery Barn a run for their money!


  1. She sure did! They look adorable!

  2. Those are too cute! Your girls look adorable!

  3. Lovely! Tell the artist that she needs to open her own store.


  4. LaSandra,

    This is such a sweet post. And just yesterday I made up my mind to pack up my sewing machine was probably just the pregnancy. I'm sure you understand:) Thanks.

  5. Tiffany-

    LOL! Yeah, sounds like the "hormones" were talking. Tell them to shut up:)


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