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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Green Wedding

I was in the wedding of my dear friend this summer. The wedding was held at The Inn at Leola Village in Lancaster, PA, which meant some traveling for me.

Fortunately, my hubby (being the kind and considerate guy that he is), decided that I could take this opportunity to travel alone! This was the first time I have been out of town alone since 2004! To be honest, I was both excited and a little nervous.

I took the Mega Bus from Chicago to Columbus, OH, where I stayed with my good friend Tia, who was also a bridesmaid in the wedding. From there, Tia and I drove to Pennsylvania.

My trip was both fun and relaxing and I really enjoyed the wedding venue. If you are planning a small and intimate wedding (of about 75 people or so) and/or are just looking for a romantic getaway, I highly recommend The Inn at Leola Village!

Check out the pictures...

The ceremony...

The groom is a professional saxophone player and played while the bride walked down.

The guys...

The gals...

More friends from Chicago who came to the special event.


  1. That's so awesome. I have always wanted to go to Pennsylvania. To visit the Amish. My sis used to live there and she loved it. Those pictures are beautiful and having your groom play music while you walk down the aisle. Wow!!

  2. Thanks so much LaSandra for writing about us! I was soo happy to see you and Tia again, have such love and respect for you. It was fun, we'll have to do it again, meet up that is!


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