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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Highlight of My Week

Hubby: (As I bandage Noelle's arm) "See Noelle, Mommy's all done! She's a good nurse." Do you think Mommy could be a nurse?"

Noelle: "No" (as she shakes her head).

Hubby: "Well, do you want to be a nurse?"

Noelle: "No!!"

Hubby: "Well, what do you want to be?"

Noelle: "I want to be a Mommy, just like Mommy!"


  1. That is sooo sweet!! I was just reading a new website,, and it was talking about how important it is for mothers to teach and train their daughters to be homemakers and to want to be homemakers.

    How precious it is that you have already inspired your little one!:)

  2. Out of the mouth of babes. That was so precious.

  3. I happened to stumble upon your post and glad I did :) This is sooo sweet!! Kids always cease to amaze me by what they say!

  4. Music to your ears no doubt!!
    Have a wonderful day!


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