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Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Movie Night

I realized, (after snapping at my kids, sending them to bed early, and having to go back and apologize), that after a long week, we all need a break! As a result, I have declared the past 3 or 4 Fridays as Family Movie Night!

Thus far, we have had pizza, salad, and popcorn on Friday nights. We all watch a movie together and then hubby and I put the kids to sleep so we can watch one alone. During that time, I have purposed not to clean, work, or worry in anyway! We have been having a great time relaxing and having fun together! I hope to keep this going!

Read below to find out more about the family-friendly movies that are being sponsored by Walmart and P&G:

Watch it together. Enjoy it forever.

Walmart and P&G have partnered to create the Family Moments initiative to help moms and families better connect with each other. Family Movie Night is a part of that movement to provide meaningful entertainment for the entire family.

During Family Movie Night, you can be confident that the programming on their screens will be fun and action-packed, without the worry of having to dive for the remote to change the channel when inappropriate ads or other content comes on. Soundtracks for the films also feature top producers and artists.

By providing this block of time, Walmart and P&G are striving to reconnect families across the country that are bombarded by busy schedules and the lack of programming that's appealing to everyone. Tune in and see what the buzz is about.

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