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Monday, January 19, 2009

Calling all "natural birthers!"- Share Your Story!


In response to my last post, in which I explained how I was preparing for my first unmedicated birth, Chelsa said... "With brycen i had no pain meds at all either- what an exhilarating feeling!" This comment sparked an idea...

It seems to me that many women, who have had a planned natural birth have actually grown to cherish that experience for one reason or another. I, for one, who have not yet experienced it, am facsinated by that, because I would describe my first birth as "traumatic." My second went alot smoother, but I still see it as something that could have been potentially "traumatic" and I don't believe it has to be that way at all.

This time, I hope that when its all over, I will be able to say that my birth experience was, empowering, challenging, yet not impossible, beautiful, amazing, etc. As I prepare, I would love to read more about other's natural birth experiences. I am thinking of checking out the book you see above entitled,"Adventures in Natural Childbirth: Tales from Women on the Joys, Fears, Pleasures, and Pains of Giving Birth Naturally" by Janet Schwegel which is a culmination of many natural birth stories. But in the meantime...

...I'm CALLING ALL "NATURAL BIRTHERS!" If you have a natural birth story you would like to share, please write a post about it and leave the link to it (or your blog) in the "comments" section of this post. If you already wrote a blog post about your natural birth(s) please do post a link to it (or your blog) in the "comments" section of this post. If you do not have a blog, but would like to contribute, please write your story in an email and email it to me at: lasandrahutchinson@gmail dot com and I'll post it on my blog.

Here are some questions I still have that you can use as guidelines if you wish:

1. Why did you decide to have a natural birth?

2. How did you prepare for your birth?

3. Who was present at your birth? How did you decide on those individuals? What role did they play?

4. What positions worked well for you? What position did you deliver in? Would you do that again?

5. Did you have a perineal tear/and or episitomy? If not, what do you think helped you avoid that?

6. What was the best and most challenging part of the experience as a whole?

7. If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?


  1. hey! well mine was not a planned natural birth. when my water broke i went into pre eclampsia- so that epidural i had been looking so forward to was out of hte picture b/c my platelets (the thing in your blood that causes you to clot) were extremely and i mean extremely low!

    i remember the dr. telling me to stay focused and not let the pain take over. she said that if i let the pain take over there was no going back. my hubby says i was so focused it was kinda scary... but i guess it worked ;)

  2. I blogged about my third birth (as you know) and that entry can be found here:

    However, I am thinking of specifically answering the questions you put forth here in a new entry. I am a huge proponant of natural birth and natural mothering - breastfeeding long term, staying at home with your child for as long as possible - and I think that a natural start to motherhood helps with breastfeeding and interaction with your child. Not only was the birth of my third child amazing, but the first hours after his birth were a wonderful time for all of us. I'm actually thinking of looking more seriously into home birth for my next baby, although I don't know if it's possible here. Anyway, if I decide to write another post on the experience, I'll add that link here as well.

  3. Chelsa,

    Thanks for leaving your comment. I have heard alot of people talk about staying really "focused" so they don't loose control.

  4. Katie,

    Thanks for leaving the link. I loved the way you described the birth of your third child. I am hoping to also really bond and enjoy that time right after the birth! I'm looking forward to that part!

  5. HI, i've answered your questions LOL

    All the best with your decisions.I've just come across your blog so haven't read any other post yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy myself!


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