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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Joys of Motherhood

As you may have noticed, I only have 54 days left before the predicted arrival of my "man child!" Consequently, I have been englufed in any useful information I can get my hands on as I prepare for my first unmedicated birth.

In my search, I ran across the book, "Childbirth Without Fear" by Grantly Dick Read. Dick-Read points out that although many modern interventions and societal ills have caused a tremendous amount of fear around the experiences of birth and motherhood, much joy can be found in both. I found this particular excerpt to be truly empowering:

" there any happiness that can be compared with that of a woman with her small babies? Is there any love so unselfish and inspiring as the love of a mother for her child? To healthy-minded women, it is the realization of their highest ambition, the fulfilment of their distinctive urge and the ultimate perfection of their bodily functions."

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  1. with brycen i had no pain meds at all either- what an exhilarating feeling!


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