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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just because she was so adorable... are more pictures of Our Flower Girl Princess!


There's a smile!

Here's the dress detail.


  1. Again - what a cutie! And that dress is really lovely - I love the back and the ribbons in her hair! Any good pictures of pregnant you from the wedding? ;) I know I had to make a point of taking "pregnancy" pictures, because I always ducked out of other pictures...I'm usually not very happy with how I look.

  2. Thanks Katie!

    Like you, I have made it a point to avoid the camera at all! Hopefully, I'll be back to my "normal" look soon after this baby and will feel comfortable in front of the camera again:)

  3. Bella looks absolutely beautiful and the dress is GORGEOUS!!! What an amazing smile. Wow! I can't believe what a big girl already. Love it!

  4. Cute, cute, and cute little girl! BTW do share what kind of hair products you use on her hair and yours :)


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