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Friday, June 12, 2009

Heavenly Hands

I finished Passionate Housewives yesterday! 

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Often we don't view our daily activities biblically. We wrongly believe that the more mundane the task, the less significant it is to God. As  difficult as it may be to believe, the hands that tenderly bathe your baby at night are no less holy than the hands that serve you communion on Sunday. Every small act of love to your family-every diaper you change, every meal you prepare, every toilet you scrub, every errand you run, every fever you tend to, each tooth you pull, every moment of undefiled intimacy with your husband-each one is a holy act when it's done as unto the Lord"(p.g 36-37).


  1. one of my favs too!

  2. one of my new favs...since i havent read the book yet:)

  3. Yeah, that's one of my favorites, too. I'm surprised by how many people took issue with the book and it's principles. I just didn't see what others did. I got so much good information!

  4. I love that book! I love that book! Did I tell you that I love that book? I also love your quote as well :)

  5. Very well said...



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