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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Because class never goes out of style...

...hop on over to Christa~Taylor and Spring into fashion!


  1. Hi there!
    Being classy never does go out of style.
    Ahhhhhhh SpRiNg...I can taste it.
    So ready for this season. Hallelujah!
    Won't it be great to take walks and let your little ones play outside?
    Can't hardly wait for the flowers to bloom.
    Your children are precious.
    You being a Godly Wife, Homemaker and Momma is classy.
    Have a classy week!
    God bless,

  2. I seriously need to find a dress style that flatters my shape! Being top-heavy makes it hard to find things that even fit, let alone look good. I generally wear a lot of skirts and tops rather than dresses. Not only that, but the dresses that do fit are polyester and cling to my backside...that isn't really there. ;) Maybe when I'm back to pre-pregnancy weight (you know, when I'm not pregnant :)) I'll go shopping just for the sake of finding something that fits!! I do love the stuff at Christa~ Taylor, cute!!

  3. Hi LaSandra!

    I arrived here from Erika's site, en route to visiting different blogs celebrating "Dresses and Skirts Week." I've been enjoying your posts (your children are beautiful!), and had to chuckle to see your love of iced coffee :-D There is another Christian blogger, Kelly, who is a self-confirmed iced coffee aficionado. I believe you'd both have lots to chat about - LOL! Here's her link:
    (I'm going to send her an email with your website too)

    Back to the post: Absolutely in agreement - Class and good manners are never out of style. I believe it is one of the dearest compliments received.

    Nice to *meet* you!


  4. How sweet! Thank you Deanna!

  5. Katie- lol! I know you you feel about finding things that fit "right."

    I think being pregnant and then not being pregnant, and then being pregnant again presents an extra challenge to the fashion success for anyone!

  6. Jean,

    Thank you! I will have to check out Kelly's blog! Sounds like a woman with good taste:)

  7. Katie- BTW...when are you due?

  8. I'm due May 10th...or so. I keep saying the middle of May because I fully expect to be late again and don't want to be disappointed about it. :)

    Yeah, I've been at least a DD since I was about thirteen, so dresses have always been a problem for me. But obviously having babies and being full of milk for a year on, a year off, a year on (pretty much how it's been so far) has not helped.


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