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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Noah!

Today is Noah's 1st birthday!

In honor of this joyous occasion, I am dedicating this post to all things Noah!

Facts about Noah:

-Noah is our first and only son, causing him to be the only child we actually prayed to have before conception.

-Noah was the first child I gave natural birth to.

-Noah was born in a posterior position. You can read my torture/his birth story here.

Around here, Noah is known for...

-his singing and dancing to good music.
-his ability to take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.

-his favorite past-time: playing in the toilet water.

Our family loves how Noah seems to share some commonality with each one us.

He has...

-Daddy's head.

-Mommy's nose.

-Noelle's dimple.

-Bella's laugh.

We love you soooooo much Noah!

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Noah!!! He's so handsome! Hard to believe a year has gone by already, hey?

  2. Happy Birthday Noah!!!

    Janaiya & Brown Family!!!

  3. He's a little doll! Adorable.
    May you have a sweet day and a very Happy Birthday to Noah.
    I would imagine that March 17th is a great day to remember his birthday...on Valentine's Day I had a Grandson born. Makes remembering that day easier for me.
    God Bless,

  4. He is just ridiculously cute. Happy birthdya, Noah.

  5. Happy Bday Noah!!!!

    (LaSandra, a year ago today I was trying to erase the memories of "your torture/ his birth" and thinking "do I really want to any more children." Since, I'm 8 months pregnant writing this- I guess the answer was yes:)

  6. I hope Noah had a very happy birthday. I can't believe that he is a year old already. Time passes way too fast.

    He is soooo adorable.

  7. Happy Birthday Noah!!

    You are so handsome and I'm sure a very fun addition to your family!!

  8. What a cutie patootie!!!!!

  9. How did I miss this post? Happy belated to your precious Noah. He is a doll.


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