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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I want to be like Kim when I grow up.

Kim, mother of 9, soon to be mother of 10, is surrounded by her children in the picture above.

Her eldest daughter, Deanna posted this picture on Kim's blog in a post entitled, "My mom is Spoiled".

Deanna explains:

Need I say more?

Did you notice the footstool? Look at the woman! She's living in the lap of luxury.

This is a picture of a woman for whom mandatory dish washing, laundry washing/folding, dinner cooking, bed making etc. are a thing of the far past. The main part of her duties consists of shopping (not for long) blog maintenance, and general parental oversight.

She's been promoted to management.

Not that I mind. When we gave her the Netbook for Christmas she said "Wow, I like having rich kids." But she's been getting foot/hand massages, not to mention all of the cocoa, cocoa-mocha, frappucinos, chocolate milk, snacks, shoulder rubs, hair brushings, etc that she's been getting for years.

Again, I'm not complaining. She's earned it. Just today though I made her a ready made cocoa-mocha first thing in the morning (first thing for her. It was 10:30), and for brunch I think it was Megan that made her a cheese and bean chimichanga.

The late rising isn't normal, but the rest of it is. Far cry from the old days, eh Mom?

Cocoa, cocoa-mocha, and frappucinos? Is this what I have to look forward to?

I know one thing. Kim's not doing too shabby for a woman burdened down with all those kids!


  1. No kidding, hey? Amazing how the majority of people think that those with more than three kids (yes, more than THREE - I get weird looks all the time expecting my fourth) are stressed out and worked to the bone. Well, sure, if you don't assign your kids responsibilities or spoil them like crazy. If you take on everything yourself you're not only cheating yourself but you're cheating them of an adolescence learning responsibility. Jenny already helps me sweep up and I just taught her how to sort the laundry. The boys will be learning soon enough.
    Gotta love that picture - on first glace I didn't realize that her footstool was a kid! :)

  2. Wow, I want that, too! I just need 3 more kids, huh?

  3. LOL! I remember seeing that post on the blog, and it resulted in an immediate recall of receiving hair brushing! One of the ONLY reasons I kept waist-length hair for so many years.


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